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Bond with your baby

Fairy 1 in 8All parents want to get the most of those precious first few months with their baby, but for some extra advice from other mums make sure you download this great new podcast.  It offers indispensable advice on some simple everyday activities that will help mums and dads build a relationship with the latest addition to the family.  The podcast is part of the Fairy and BLISS ‘Support 1 in 8 campaign’ which has commissioned research into different techniques that enable parents to bond better with their babies right from the start.

1 in 8 babies in the UK are born premature or sick and the campaign has been set up to help empower parents to support them in becoming more confident to care for their special care baby. BLISS – the premature baby charity, with Fairy’s help, has commissioned innovative research into different techniques that enable all mums and dads to become closer to their babies, right from when they’re in the unit to when they go home.

The tips will fit easily into your every day routine and include things such as making the most of bath time, singing to your baby, how to give skin-to-skin care and the benefits of giving your baby a relaxing massage.  Each one of the steps are designed to be fun for both you and your baby and will give you the one on one time you need with them to create a special relationship in their early years and beyond.

Andrea Catherwood who hosts the podcast said: “The best bit of being a mum is having the opportunity to enjoy all those everyday loving moments with your baby that you’ve been imagining throughout your pregnancy.  From personal experience, I know that unexpected circumstances can mean that those opportunities can sometimes be limited and that mums may need extra support and help to do even the ordinary things that most parents take for granted.”

Listen to the podcast here.

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