Biodegradable disposable nappies arrive

The disposable nappy is now green, according to the makers of “the world’s first hybrid” nappy that is disposable AND biodegradable. The gNappies were launched at the Baby Show in October 2010 and they are available from Hushabyebaby.

Available in range of vibrant colours, the gNappies system gives parents two eco-friendly nappy options in one – cloth or disposable. The system consists of cotton, washable little gPants, and either 100% biodegradable gRefills or washable gCloth inserts.

Designed for a non-bulky fit, gNappies are made of breathable material just like sports clothing, so your baby stays dry and comfortable and is far less likely to get nappy rash. gRefills are the only certified 100% biodegradable, plastic-free and elemental chlorine nappy available and decompose in 50 to 100 days in either your home waste or compost bin.

For people who choose to compost, the nappies degrade naturally over two months on the compost heap. Even if you throw them away, they are greener because they aren’t plastic.

The second option is reusable cloth inserts made from soft micro fleece and hemp/cotton, which can be washed and rewashed, the same as the outer pants.

Jennifer Lackie, UK distributor of gNappies, said, “This is a great product for parents who try their best to be eco friendly.

“gNappies is an entirely new concept to the market with its hybrid system that allows parents to compost wet nappies in their household compost bin as they are an ideal material, providing a rich source of nitrogen and organic matter.

“All materials in the little gPants, snap-in liners, gCloth and biodegradable gRefills have been carefully chosen to provide a comfortable and dry fit for your baby.”

gNappies are available from with New Baby bundles priced at £99.95. Little gPants nappy covers start at £13.95 each, with biodegradable refills retailing at £9.95 and cloth at £21.95.

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