The benefits of breastfeeding over formula milk

The benefits of breastfeeding a baby over using formula milk are many. First, breast milk has the perfect nutrients a growing baby needs. Other nutritional benefits of breastfeeding include the unique components and the way the breast milk changes depending on what the mother eats. Benefits of breastfeeding also include the effects breast milk has on the baby’s immune system.

These benefits of breastfeeding are important because they protect the baby from many intestinal and respiratory infections. Babies who are given formula are more susceptible to stomach flu, pneumonia, and middle ear infections.  The benefits of breastfeeding also include the baby developing an immune system that protects him from lymphoma, bowel diseases and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

You may notice benefits from breastfeeding when it is time for your child to have immunisations. Breastfeeding usually provides the baby with a more effective response to these immunizations.

Benefits of breastfeeding are noticeable as the baby grows and develops. If a baby is breastfed only for the first six months he will be better protected from allergies, eczema and asthma. Bottle feeding seems to lead to more problems with obesity as the child grows. Research shows that one of the benefits of breastfeeding is optimal brain development

Benefits of breastfeeding extend to the mom. Benefits of breastfeeding for the mother include the bonding experience and the relaxation it can provide. Mothers may be less stressed because the baby will have fewer health problems. One of the benefits of breastfeeding for the mom is quicker weight loss

The benefits of breastfeeding are enjoyed by both the baby and the mother. Bottle feeding and the use of formula may be necessary in some instances but the benefits of breastfeeding should be considered when deciding how to feed your baby.

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