Battle of the sexes manifested through baby’s first words

We all know that sleep is important to babies, but a new survey by has revealed just how crucial sleep is, specifically to the development of language in babies – and how the battle of the sexes may manifest itself through baby’s first words, as Mum and Dad both hope that their name is said first.

The first few years of a baby’s life are centred around sleeping and learning. Although they look peaceful when asleep, babies’ brains are actually hard at work processing everything they have come across throughout the day.

In fact a baby’s ability to sort through information overnight is so advanced that they often wake up the next day having learnt something new. More than half the parents who took part in the survey, carried out by Pampers® Baby-Dry, had observed this happening. The survey discovered that the first word most babies says is ‘daddy’.

However, to make mums feel happier, the survey also found that boys are more likely to say ‘mummy’ first, while girls say ‘daddy’.

Professor Margaret Harris, Language Development Expert from The Institute for Research in Child Development, Oxford Brookes University, says of the survey findings: “These results show just how adept babies are at learning new things after a good night’s sleep. Although both ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’ have previously been reported as very early words, it makes sense that more babies will say ‘daddy’ first because many babies hear the name more often – as mummy says things like “that’s daddy” when he returns home from work – babies get used to hearing the word in a special situation which helps them learn how to say it.”

Pampers Baby-Dry is designed to aid longer periods of baby sleep, because it contains two absorbent layers to lock wetness away from your baby’s skin for extra protection.

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