10 top tips for easier bathtimes

Ways to make slithery, slippery newborns a whole lot easier to bath.

  1. Choose your bath carefully – think about using the newer tub-like design, which means your baby can be upright, or use a washing-up bowl (buy a new one!) for a tiny baby until your confidence increases
  2. Have everything you’ll need to hand so you don’t have to scoop the baby out of the bath while you find another towel or a clean nappy (never, ever leave a baby, toddler or small child alone in the bath)
  3. If you don’t want a slippery baby, remember you don’t need soap or anything ‘cleansing’ like baby bath liquid or shampoo until your baby is a few weeks old – keep things simple!
  4. You don’t need to bath your baby very often – just do it every few days so you both get used to it. In the meantime, ‘top and tail’ twice a day
  5. Make sure the room you bath your baby in is warm and free from draughts
  6. You can put the baby bath in the big bath, to save carrying the water
  7. Take your baby into the bath with you (you’ll need someone to pass the baby to you, and take him from you when he’s finished)
  8. Talk and sing to your baby, so he sees bathing as a fun, sociable activity
  9. Always check the water temperature – use your elbow, as this is more sensitive to heat than your hand, or use a bath thermometer
  10. If your baby is in a conventional bath (not a sit-in tub) support your baby across his shoulders, so his head can lie comfortably against your forearm. If he’s in a tub, hold him under his arms with one arm. Both ‘methods’ give you a spare arm for washing

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