UK parents prefer active choice filtering on the internet

Most UK adults with children in the household reject automatic blocking of internet content, according to new data from TalkTalk, instead preferring to be asked to choose whether or not they want to block harmful content on the internet.

When asked what system they thought should be implemented to protect children from accessing inappropriate content:

  • 37% of UK adults with children in the household think that active choice – where customers are asked when they sign up to broadband if they want their internet to be filtered or not – is the system that should be applied as standard to best protect children online.
  • A further 30% said their internet service should only be filtered if they ask for it.
  • Just 22% thought that default filtering of harmful content, such as pornography, is the best system, where the internet is filtered unless they ask for it not to be. That means that close to 80% of parents surveyed rejected default filtering.

This is supported by TalkTalk’s own customer research that found that around 80% of customers who had been through the active choice process thought that being prompted to set up controls was a good thing.

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