Top tips for a happy bump

Child psychologist and mum-of-two Emma Kenny is offering hints and tips for mums-to-be via a new online service with Graco. Emma feels passionately that bonding with your unborn baby is imperative.

Emma’s top five tips for a happy baby

Face to face interaction
Babies are born sociable so bring your face close to his and give him that all important eye contact. Remember to smile lots – if they see that you are happy, they will be happy.

Baby talk
Talk to your baby to reinforce your bond and help him to develop conversation and language skills while increasing his self-confidence.

Through touch you are encouraging your baby’s emotional development to grow and improving sensory awareness while making them feel secure and special.

Body language
Clapping and hand gestures are part of communicating and will help baby to visualise and remember things.

Outdoor time
Being outdoors is peaceful and enjoyable for both you and baby. They will love looking around them and exploring and you will love watching their confidence grow and grow.

Emma’s top five tips for a happy bump

When your baby reaches 20 weeks he will start to feel and respond to you touching your bump, he will even be able to identify his parents touch over a strangers, starting the parent-child bond at this early stage.

When baby reaches 25 weeks he will be able to hear sounds from outside the womb so talking and singing to your baby is a lovely method to build on your connection with him.

Make sure Daddy gets to spend as much time with bump as he can as research has shown a father’s touch and voice can have as much impact as a mother’s in exciting or relaxing baby.

Prenatal massage
Prenatal massage will not only relieve physical symptoms of pregnancy, but the emotional ones too. You will relax and any tension or stress will float away making a happy mummy and a happy baby.

Play games
Gently tap your bump in different rhythms, he may copy you back building on the first stages of communication between you and your baby.

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