The Ritmo belt, for tummy music

RitmobeltMost pregnant mums appreciate a bit of music in the background while their bump is growing, but usually that means relaxing in the room where the hi-fi is situated. Imagine if you could give your bump his or her very own personal stereo that could travel around with you.

That’s where the Ritmo Advanced Sound System by Nuvo comes in. It is an advanced and complete prenatal music player, designed to be worn around baby, delivering quality and safe sound to the tiniest listeners.

Doubtless there will be purists who say the atmospheric sounds of the world around you are all a foetus needs, but for those who place a lot of value on music, the Ritmo is a great idea. Simple to wear, and offering the ability to choose your own music collection, it is an attractice product.

Reactive listening begins at 17 weeks, so choose classical music for the calming Mozart Effect, the classic rock of The Beatles, or the upbeat show tunes of Broadway. Any type of audio you can listen to on your iPod/MP3’s earphones can be enjoyed by your baby at the same time.

Dr Alexandra Lamont, of SEMPRE says that the music you play isn’t as important as the regularity of that music. Children will be soothed by music with which they are familiar, whether it’s Mozart or Megadeth.

With the Ritmo, you could also record your own MP3s of mum or dad-to-be reading a story or singing a song. Any sounds that will be common after the birth are good to listen to in the womb.

Ritmo’s soft fabric belt is lightweight, elasticised and supportive. The belt should be comfortable to wear whether you’re doing yoga, walking the dog, working or simply relaxing.

Once baby is born, there is also a follow-on product you can attach to baby’s crib.

Find more information at the Nuvo Group website.

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