Survey reveals 83% of parents would be willing to try real nappies

A new survey says 83% of parents and parents-to-be would be willing to try real nappies. More information and the opportunity to try real nappies for a small amount of money were two of the top things that would persuade parents to give cloth nappies a go, according to the survey carried out by online baby boutique Baba+Boo.

Someone else doing the washing was the third thing which people rated highly when asked, “What would need to change to persuade you to use real nappies?”

Only 17% of respondents said that it was disposables all the way for them, meaning 83% would be open to trying real nappies.

In two surveys – one for those who use disposables and one for real nappy users – a total of 256 people gave their views on why they chose nappies, what sources of information they rely on and what might make them change the nappies they use.

Eve Bell, managing director of Baba+Boo, said, “This research confirms what we’ve suspected for a while, that parents are open to trying real nappies, but don’t want to commit without dipping their toe in the water first.

“That’s why we offer our try a nappy service, so new customers can try a nappy for two months and get 70 per cent of the purchase price back if they don’t get on with it.”

She added disposables cost around “£500 per year for one child”.

The survey also revealed that 55% of disposables users had considered using real nappies. And only nine of the 121 respondents to that survey said that disposable nappies were the only option for them.

Not surprisingly environmental reasons were the most significant factor (44%) in why real nappy users had decided to go for cloth over disposables, with money saving the next most highly rated (29%).

Forums (59%) and friends (54%) were the places most disposable users would go to for information about real nappies, with parenting magazines also a solid option (35%).

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