Relaxation CDs aim to aid conception

Patti Good relaxation CDs for pregnancyBabyJourney, a company that helps mothers and mums-to-be overcome emotional issues related to conception, pregnancy and birth, has introduced two new relaxation CDs to aid natural conception and enable calmer pregnancies. They are the first in a series of CDs designed to deeply relax listeners during every stage of motherhood.

Created by Patti Good, founder of BabyJourney and an accredited Journey Therapist and Hypnobirthing Practitioner, the CDs work by stimulating the release of endorphins, the body’s own natural relaxant, to eliminate the stress hormone. Studies have shown that prolonged periods of high stress can affect hormones and interfere with ovulation, directly impacting fertility. Similarly, babies of relaxed mums have been shown to be calmer and feed and sleep better.

For women struggling to fall pregnant, the Relaxation for Natural Conception CD helps to boost confidence in their body’s ability to conceive, while reducing stress and anxiety. It also teaches them to remain calm, patient and in control.

“It can be incredibly frustrating and upsetting for women who can’t conceive easily. With each passing month, tension and stress grows, making it harder for the body to relax and further reducing the chances of conception,” explains Patti . “The CD helps women get back in touch with their bodies and lets them escape the spiral of anxiety and negative thinking, increasing their chances of conception.”

For expectant mums, the Relaxation for Calm Pregnancy CD helps to reduce stress, fear and anxiety during pregnancy. It also increases feelings of well-being, boosting health and energy levels while giving mums-to-be some quality bonding time with their baby.

“Being pregnant can be a stressful experience, particularly if you’re a first time mum or had a difficult pregnancy previously. By learning how to stay calm and relaxed, a mum can enjoy her pregnancy to the full while reducing the risk of stress-related complications,” explains Patti. “It’s also important for mums to take a little time out from their busy lives to bond with the little person growing inside them. Listening to the CD is the perfect chill out session.”

The CDs are available online at and cost £14.99 each plus £2.50 for postage and packaging, or they can be purchased as a combined set for £24.99 plus postage and packaging. The next CDs in the series to be released will be Relaxation for a Better Birth and Relaxation for Easy Adjustment. They’ll be available during the summer.

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