Pregnant in 12 months or your money back, says DuoFertility

Duo fertilityDuoFertility is a new advanced fertility monitor designed to help you conceive naturally. A clean, non-invasive, easy-to-use female fertility monitor, the maker is so confident in the product that the company has offered a money-back guarantee.

The DuoFertility Monitor costs £495 (including shipping) and if you aren’t pregnant within 12 months of buying and using it, the company promises to refund your money.

The method monitor identifies your most fertile days, helping you to time intercourse for the best time of your cycle.

When you buy DuoFertility you get an Electronic hand-held reader, sensor, 40 adhesives and all accessories. Through the wearing of a sensor under your arm, the device measures your body temperature around-the-clock, and presents your data in an understandable way.

You also use an interactive fertility diary to keeps your data organised and you can print out your data for review with your doctor. You also get unlimited fertility expert support.

The money-back guarantee is a time-limited offer, so to take advantage of it, don’t waste time if you think this product is for you. Click here to read more and buy.

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