Pregnancy week 9

A human foetus starts out developing a tail, which should be disappearing about now. Scientists believe this is part of residual evolutionary change. Facial features such as the nose and mouth are developing, but the eyelids will be closed until around 27 weeks. External sounds and light will affect the baby’s movement from now.

Your baby is now approximately 13-17 mm crown to rump length and weighs in at just one gram! Toes are forming and so are elbows. Gonads have become testes (for boys) or ovaries (for girls). Baby will move away if touched through the uterine wall, and can spontaneously move as well. Bones continue to harden.

You may have known about the pregnancy for a month already but this is still a nerve-wracking time for many couples, because the first 12 weeks is the most likely time for losing a baby through miscarriage. You don’t have to tell your boss you’re pregnant yet. Find out about maternity leave, and just go about business as usual. Don’t be stressed.

The idea that you should be eating for two is an old-fashioned fallacy. You don’t need to eat many more calories at this stage. Just make sure you’re still eating a balanced diet – instead of high fat snacks like cakes and crisps, try a handful of dried fruit or some carrot sticks. Your midwife will monitor your weight.

Nasal congestion and nose bleeds are fairly common during pregnancy. Try using a vaporiser or humidifier.

For the couple, hormonal changes create an emotional rollercoaster. The dad-to-be may have to see mum-to-be bursting into tears at the most unlikely things. For the man, be supportive and don’t try get to the bottom of what’s wrong. What’s wrong is actually what’s right – the body is making a baby and the hormones are just upsetting the normal emotional balance.

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