Pregnancy week 8

By now, your baby is anywhere between 1cm and 2cm long. The body is getting straighter and the head is more erect (less curled over). Arms and legs are getting longer and more distinguishable, and the structures of important organs like the heart and brain are becoming more complicated. The baby’s hind brain is clearly visible. Testes or ovaries will form the baby will start spontaneously moving. The bones are beginning to harden (ossification), meaning elbows and other joints are more defined.

You produce more blood during pregnancy. This and an increase in hormones can cause you to see bleeding gums occasionally. It’s a good idea to have a dental check-up even if you aren’t experiencing this yet.

Although you won’t yet have a visible bump, you may start to feel your trousers getting tight around the waistband. Maternity clothes are probably too big at this stage. Try letting out the buttons or using an elastic band to expand the fastening a few extra inches, or borrow clothes from a friend who’s a larger size.

Fatigue can be setting in because the first trimester is hard on many women – so the partner can play a role by taking some of the load. The expectant mum will benefit from extra rest, so if the man isn’t already handy in the kitchen, now’s the time to start.

Pregnancy week 8 videos

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