Pregnancy week 7

This is the week when your tiny baby develops fingers as they separate but are still webbed. The ears, eyes, nose and internal organs are developing and the baby is moving about in the amniotic sac. It’s too small for you to feel the movement though so don’t expect any foot prints on your belly just yet. The genital area is developing but you can’t yet see the gender.

Your face may break out due to the changes in hormones. So even though you may feel like a teenager again, you are not alone. There are usually early pregnancy classes that are available for you and your partner. This can help make the transition to pregnancy more real for your partner and give you both some idea of what is to come. Contact your local hospital, birth centers, midwives, childbirth educators for a list of current classes.

If you haven’t yet told your GP or midwife that you’re pregnant, you should now do so. They need to make sure you’re eating well, and not taking any medicines or doing any activities that might harm the baby’s development. They’ll also need to start booking appointments for your antenatal check-ups and scans. If you’re unsure about your due date, you might need an ultrasound scan.

By now, obviously, you know for sure you are pregnant and no doubt you and your partner will have the “sex” conversation. Men often feel put off sex during pregnancy – usually because the idea of “poking around” where there is a baby growing is in itself off-putting, or because they are afraid the baby could be harmed. Many women find their sex drive increases – especially towards the end of the first trimester. Talk about sex and, if you have any worries, consult your GP, who will be able to put your mind at rest.

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