Pregnancy week 42

A doctor may perform a vaginal exam to see if your cervix is favourable. By now more than 90% of women will have delivered, but there’s still no reason to panic if  you are showing no signs of the onset of labour.

Settle in for the last few days and do some chatting online to some other expectant mums to swap notes and pass the time of day. You could also read some birth stories to give you a picture of what your own experience might be like.

Your baby should be fully formed now and not really growing as fast as in previous weeks. Do some last minute checks on your hospital or birth bag, and make sure the car has petrol. Most importantly – it would be amazing if you had not done this yet, but you must have a baby seat for your car. Once you deliver the baby he or she needs to be transported safely back to your house.

After the baby is born, you will want to tell everyone. Make sure you have all the numbers you need on the mobile phone. If you are not going to breast-feed, ensure you have all your bottles, steriliser and formula ready at home. If you can, try to breast-feed. Don’t feel a failure if you really cannot but bear in mind that many women who believe they cannot breast-feed are able to do so with the right support.

UKPL has a few experienced breast-feeders as well as some breast-feeding counsellors who will always be willing to give you some support. When baby is born the immune system relies on mother’s breast-milk for the remaining nutrients it didn’t get from the placenta. Formula can do its best to provide these but it can never match the quality of the nutrients from the baby’s own mother.

Good luck, congratulations and enjoy your new family member(s).

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