Pregnancy week 41

You are probably bashing the walls in anticipation and frustration, and cursing your baby light-heartedly for refusing to come out. Keeping your sense of humour is good because it will help you to stay relaxed rather than stressed.

Many mums go past their due dates and, at 41 weeks, few doctors would recommend an induction. After all, the initial estimation of the date of conception could have been out, so there’s no absolute certainty that your due date isn’t out by one or even two weeks – especially if you miscalculated your period or you were irregular.

Induction isn’t a great idea if you don’t have to do it because it is basically forcing something to happen that should otherwise go naturally. Obviously in some cases intervention is necessary, such as a Caesarean if the baby was trapped by the umbilical cord or if the baby was breech.

Caesarean sections are not something that should be approached lightly. While it is attractive to be able to book a date by which you know you will give birth, C-sections are procedures just like any operation, involving a surgeon, anaesthetic etc. If you are considering a C-section, or even if you are concerned about ending up needing one, do your research so you know what is involved not only in the procedure but also in the after-care.

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