Pregnancy week 38

The baby may be gaining as much as 1oz (about 28g) a day at this point! However, your weight gain has slowed or stopped. Baby will probably be less active as well, mainly because there’s less space to move around in. The amniotic fluid that baby has been sucking in now turns into waste product (meconium) in the intestines and will be the first bowel movement after birth.

Loo trips will be frequent as baby presses down constantly on the bladder. Keep drinking lots of water to stay hydrated. You may also feel odd twinges, or almost shocks, down your legs – these are caused by the baby pressing on nerves within the pelvis.

This really is a time for waiting now and for involving the whole family (especially other children if you have them). Dad needs to help mum stay patient (the last month can feel like it’s as long as the whole pregnancy) and relaxed, keeping up back massage. Other children need support and the feeling of being involved. You should also bear in mind how you talk about the baby in front of other children. An older brother or sister may misread your conversation and think you now only care about the new baby – looking after their well being is as important as looking after your own and your unborn baby’s.

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