Pregnancy week 33

The lungs should have surfactant beginning to coat the alveoli – this all helps the baby to breathe after the birth. Mum’s uterus contains about two points of amniotic fluid and your baby weighs about 4lb (1.8kg).

Mums could be noticing little bumping movements across their belly every now and then. This might mean that baby has the hiccups! Foetal hiccups are, like our normal hiccups, caused by reflex spasms of the diaphragm. In unborn babies, this is due to the drawing in and out of amniotic fluid, rather than air.

Leg and foot cramps can cause sleepless nights at a time when you need to be stocking up on sleep. Make sure you’re getting lots of gentle exercise during the day (short walks and swims, for example) and avoid standing still or in the same position for more than a few minutes.

You can help ward off cramps by ensuring that you are getting enough potassium and calcium in your diet. Boost potassium levels by eating fruits like bananas, grapefruit and oranges, also sesame seeds, yoghurt, salmon, cottage cheese, almonds, sardines and soya beans.

Putting a couple of pillows under your feet at night to raise your legs up might help as well. When a cramp comes on, flex your toes upwards and put pressure on the area with your (or your partner’s) hands.

For couples, quiet relaxation time is important. Dad should keep massaging the moisturiser into the taut skin of the abdomen and massage the lower back to relieve pain.

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