Pregnancy week 28

Leaky breasts. Yes, you may find your breasts start to get leaky – this is secretion of colostrum. If you aren’t leaky, don’t worry because it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to breast-feed. Remember all mums develop at different rates during pregnancy.

You will probably begin to see your doctor or midwife every two weeks now. If you haven’t begun discussing labour plans with your practitioner, now is the time to start!

Your baby is continuing to lay down layers of fat in preparation for living outside the womb. Eyelashes have grown on the eyelids, and there are tiny teeth underneath the baby’s gums.

If you have a baby boy, his testes will probably begin descending. Your baby is about 35cm long and weighs about 2lb 4oz (1kg).
A baby born at this time has a good chance of survival with the help of medical technology.

Being pregnant can affect the libido (sex drive) of both partners. Mums can feel tired or unattractive, and partners are often worried about hurting the baby. But sex is safe providing you haven’t had any complications with your pregnancy (ask your midwife if you’re not sure). If you are worried, just try being intimate without penetrative sex, or try comfortable positions, such as spooning or the woman on top where she is in control.

Adult acne is common, because of pregnancy hormones. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t apply any acne creams or other treatments before consulting your doctor or pharmacist as some are unsuitable for pregnant women. Try applying tea tree oil or witch hazel, wash off make up before going to bed, and try to avoid touching your face.

Have you spoken to work about your pregnancy? You have no doubt informed them but keep in touch with your boss occasionally about your plans. You don’t have to stop working until you need to but some mums can find things like commuting too much of a strain and you may need to discuss early leave to help you in a way that won’t upset your employer.

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