Pregnancy week 27

You are beginning your third trimester and you should be looking forward to your ante-natal classes.

If you think you had been putting on weight up to now, brace yourself for an even bigger spurt of weight gain. Weight gain should stop around week 36 and it will be in various parts of your body.

The average breast before pregnancy weighs about 7oz and, during pregnancy, each breast can increase its weight by four times! Some of the weight will go to body fluids (amniotic fluid, blood volume, etc).

Because the baby is floating in water, the skin is very wrinkled, and this will be the case for some time after the birth, but your baby’s looks are now similar to the way the baby will look once he or she is born. The baby should now be around 2lb (900g).

Most of the systems of the body are formed by this stage, although the liver and lungs still have some way to go. Your baby’s immune system is still not fully developed.

In most areas you will have a free local NHS class, as well as classes run by other organisations such as the National Childbirth Trust. The content of these classes can vary, but should cover important topics such as labour, breathing techniques and positions for giving birth. Some classes are just for women, but if dads can attend, it will help them prepare too.

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