Pregnancy week 13

This is the end of the first trimester, the first third of pregnancy. Your risk of miscarriage drops greatly, so if you’ve been holding off telling friends and family, you might want to start doing so now.

As your baby’s brain develops quickly, new nerves are growing each day and connecting around the body. The face is becoming more recognisably human, with the eyes moving together on the front of the head, and tiny eyelashes and eyebrows beginning to appear.

Even though the baby doesn’t have teeth, all 20 teeth will have formed inside the gums. Your baby approximately weighs an ounce (28.3 grams). The placenta weighs about an ounce now as well.

Your baby’s intestines are migrating from the umbilical cord into his or her abdomen and the pancreas is secreting insulin.

Most mums find that sickness and tiredness start going away around now, and they can start enjoying their pregnancy. You may be feeling more energetic. Keep active with some gentle exercise such as swimming or walking. It’s worth looking into special antenatal exercise classes – contact your local gym or council leisure services.

If you haven’t already started, practise your pelvic floor exercises, to strengthen the muscles you use when you urinate – this helps to prevent stress incontinence after pregnancy.

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