Pregnancy week 12

12 weeks in and the baby is still no bigger than your thumb – and this despite the baby having fingers and thumbs of its own, eyes, arms, legs, organs, ears – amazing when you think about it.

The baby will be kicking and stretching but you won’t feel it until it’s big enough to be pushing against you. It’s growing fast though, currently about 14 grams. The brain is small but structurally formed and the baby is beginning to “practice” using the digestive tract.

The so-called 12-week scan is a key time, when not only you get to hear a heartbeat but you also put that period behind you when you are at greatest risk of miscarrying.

The 12-week scan is the first official appointment that will set the arrangements for the rest of your pregnancy – the antenatal visits, the expected birth date and the postnatal care.

This may encourage you to think about a birth plan – your ideas about how and where you would like to give birth. The Government has made a commitment to offering expectant mothers their choice of birth plan – meaning you could deliver in hospital or at home, with the same midwife attending you throughout your pregnancy. In reality, there is a shortage of midwives and, in some cases, beds, so your birthing choice may be limited by what resources are available.

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