Pregnancy week 11

Not only are fingers and toes separated, or separating, by now, but fingernails are starting to appear. The iris is formed in the eye and the baby weighs about 7 grams. A scan of your baby would show the head is about half the size of the body, but this will change.

Teeth are forming in the gums and the foetus should be able to wiggle fingers and toes. The heart beat is about twice the speed of the mother’s and it can be seen on an ultrasound scan or heard using a Doppler scan (a type of ultrasound that measures the flow of blood).

You might be offered a nuchal fold translucency test. This measures the amount of fluid between two layers of skin behind your baby’s neck, and is another test for Down’s syndrome. Like CVS testing, you’re usually only recommended to have this test if you’re particularly at risk of having a baby with a serious inherited condition.

Calcium is an important part of your pregnancy diet, as your baby needs it to form healthy bones and teeth. It can be found in dairy products, broccoli, wholegrain cereals, sardines and sesame seeds. Cheese is a good source of calcium but remember that you should avoid soft and blue veined cheese, such as Camembert, Brie and Stilton.

Many women fear gaining weight during pregnancy, although some may not gain any while others may actually lose some weight (particularly if they are ill). The most important thing is nutrition – a balance diet – rather than how much weight you are or are not putting on. Make everything you eat count towards your own health and your growing baby’s health.

For the benefit of mum and dad, try to arrange any pre-natal appointments at times when you can attend together. It’s a thrill for dad to hear the heartbeat, and attending appointments together strengthens the team bond for you both.

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