Paternity test now available in Boots

The first UK approved and regulated DNA paternity testing kit is to be made available nationally via Boots. The Assuredna kit allows you to prepare your own test and then receive results in one to five days.

Some families are uncertain about the paternity of their children, and every year in the UK the father’s name is left blank on approximately 50,000 birth certificates. Research has estimated that 1 in 25 assumed ‘fathers’ in the UK are actually not the biological father and DNA testing is becoming more popular.

“Every paternity issue is different, but for the majority of cases, families receive the results they were expecting,” says Dr Mandy Hartley, technical manager at Anglia DNA, manufacturer of Assuredna. “Assuredna provides families with peace of mind so they can move on with their lives. Around half of all tests we conduct are related to children under 12 months, helping confirm paternity before the child has matured and is fully aware.”

The Assuredna test kit is easy to use, safe, and reliable with accuracy of results in excess of 99.99%. Samples are taken from father, child and mother with a cotton swab. The swab is rubbed over the inside of the mouth, to remove cells containing DNA. The swabs are then placed in the correct colour coded envelopes, sealed and posted to Anglia DNA for analysis. Anglia is monitored and regularly audited to ensure that the laboratory complies with all relevant legislation such as the Human Tissue Act 2004.

The Assuredna paternity test requires signed consent and identification documents from father, child, and mother in order for the test to be processed. If the child is under 16 years old, the mother must consent for the child to be tested. assuredna provides paternity testing for peace of mind purposes – not non-consensual testing. For this reason, the test cannot be conducted without the father’s and mother’s consent.

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