Have you planned for a happy birth day?

Do you know what type of birth you would like? Have you planned for a happy birth day? Leading UK charity, The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) has published a new Happy Birth Day book illustrating how to have the best possible pregnancy and birth. This is the ultimate information guide on everything you wanted to know about pregnancy and the first three months of your new baby’s life.

Written by a team of NCT experts, the book is a step-by-step guide on any decisions you or your partner may face – from conception and antenatal care to deciding where to have your baby and meeting the demands of a new born. The book also comes with a free DVD which follows two women and their midwives through their pregnancy, labour and the choices they make on where and how their babies will be born – plus a guest appearance from Davina McCall.

Clearly illustrated with photographs and drawings and presented in clear, comprehensive language, this handbook contains all the information you need to plan ahead. Chapters include:

  • becoming a parent – how labour and birth work plus birth stories
  • choice for your care – role of midwife, antenatal classes, choosing your birth place
  • self care in pregnancy – changes in body and mind, healthy eating and getting ready
  • the birth – good positions, dealing with pain, meeting your new born
  • medical intervention – why help may be needed, premature birth and caesarean birth
  • early daze – your baby’s needs, how to breast or bottle feed, soothing a new baby

Mary Newburn, Head of Policy & Research at the NCT charity said; “The NCT’s new Happy Birth book provides indispensable information on everything you need to know about pregnancy and birth to give you and your baby the best possible start in life. Parents need accurate information to help them plan ahead and make choices surrounding the birth of their baby and this handbook provides you with a first-rate resource with which to do this.”

If you have any specific enquiries, questions or concerns on your pregnancy or birth, we are here to help. Call the NCT charity Pregnancy and Birth Line on 0870 444 8709 (Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm).

NCT press release.

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