Gabby Logan urges expectant mums to protect in pregnancy

Gabby LoganWhile many women are highly conscious of their fitness and diet when pregnant, research has shown that nearly half (49%) of mums-to-be are not realising the significance of their dental health. With 38% of women suffering with bleeding gums, and one in three not knowing why, there is an obvious need for expectant mums to be educated about their oral health.

According to a survey by dental care experts Oral B, 61% of women think that brushing their teeth is one of the least important factors when it comes to health and wellbeing during pregnancy!

However, regular brushing is even more important for expecting mums due to diet and hormonal changes that can affect the gums and lead to “pregnancy gingivitis” – causing the gums to become inflamed and bleed, especially when flossing and brushing.

Problems with pregnancy gingivitis usually begin in the second or third months of pregnancy, increasing in severity through to the eighth month and easing off in the ninth. If left unchecked, the bacteria in plaque can build up, and more serious periodontal disease can develop, damaging the gums and bone surrounding and supporting teeth.

Thanks to Oral B, from Saturday June 16th, a special web programme will be hosted by celebrity mum Gabby Logan focusing on dental protection during pregnancy. The “Protect in Pregnancy” Expert Panel includes top UK Dentists, Dr Surinder Hundle; former Nutrition Editor of Good Housekeeping Magazine, and author of the GI Plus Diet Fiona Hunter; and Jo Sweeney from the National Childbirth Trust.

This is a fantastic opportunity for expectant mums (and soon to be expectant mums) to have their questions answered about prevention, protection and action to ensure healthy gums before baby arrives. To send a question to the Expert Panel and Gabby, email before 5pm, Tuesday June 12th.

Check out the webcast from Saturday June 16th at

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