Fish oils can help fend off eczema

Women who eat higher levels of omega-3 rich fish oils during pregnancy can help to dramatically lower the chance of their child developing eczema, according to new research.

The study of 1,212 pregnant women, conducted at the University of Aberdeen, found that those who ate one or more portions of oily fish during pregnancy per week halved the chance of having a child diagnosed with eczema within their first five years.

These results add to a growing amount of evidence which supports the health benefits of consuming omega-3 rich fish oils during pregnancy, including boosting birth weight and helping the development of the foetal brain. Most recently, one study revealed that women who take high doses of fish oils during pregnancy can also help to boost their children’s coordination.

Researchers found a significant advance in hand-eye coordination among toddlers whose mothers supplemented their diets with fish oil during the second half of pregnancy when compared to those who did not. There was also improvement in brainpower and vocabulary among children exposed to fish oil supplements whilst in the womb.

For those women who are concerned about the mercury levels in the fish they eat, fish oil supplements such as Efanatal are a good substitute.

Efanatal has been developed specifically for use before, during and after pregnancy to provide nutritional support for mother and baby. It contains omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA and the omega-6 fatty acids GLA and AA, which are all important building blocks for the baby’s brain, eyes and central nervous system. After pregnancy, it helps ensure an adequate fatty acid intake to the infant from the mother’s breast milk and assists in the mother’s recovery process following birth.

Efanatal is available from independent pharmacies and health food stores, priced at £7.99 for 60 capsules. For more information call the Efamol helpline on 01372 379828 or visit

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