Expectant mothers are the fittest women in the UK

Pregnant women exercise four hours more per month than the average UK woman, according to a survey by The Baby Show, which took place in October.

In a survey of 2,000 pregnant women in the UK, The Baby Show with Fisher Price and Prima Baby has revealed that mums-to-be exercise more regularly than those who aren’t expecting. The survey shows that 31% of women failed to do any exercise before becoming pregnant which reduced to 25% after.

The survey reveals that most expectant mothers exercise for two hours per week while the average woman in the UK is only exercising for one hour per week. A hardcore of 15% of mums-to-be said they exercised for five and a half hours per week.

The most popular exercise for mums-to-be is swimming (60%) followed by power walking (35%) and yoga (23%).

There are however a number of pregnant women who do not let their bumps get in the way and follow a more active exercise regime with 8% doing gym workouts and 6% jogging whilst another 10% take exercise classes.

The most common motivation for women to exercise during pregnancy is for the wellbeing of their unborn baby (28%) this is followed by using exercise as a way to relax (22%). Perhaps surprisingly exercising to stay in shape is a reason for only 6% of women.

Mothers around the world were recently amazed by expectant mother Amber Miller who competed in the Chicago Marathon at 39 weeks pregnant and gave birth a mere 3 hours afterwards! Whilst women in the UK may not be running marathons, the majority see no reason to stop exercising before giving birth with 44% continuing right up to the birth.

For those that did stop month 6 is the most common time and this is mostly down to women becoming too tired as they enter the last trimester. The fitness bug doesn’t just last for the duration of the pregnancy with an impressive 70% returning to a fitness regime after giving birth.

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