Attitude to breast-feeding improved among men

Men’s attitudes towards breast-feeding have improved over the past 15 years, according to a new survey commissioned by Kamillosan, the mother and baby skin care brand trusted by mums and midwives alike for 75 years.

The 21st century man proves to be much more relaxed towards breast-feeding, with 72% of mums claiming their partner is happy for them to breast,feed both at home and in public. The survey shows a significant change in attitude when compared with a survey conducted by Royal College of Midwives (RCM) in 1993, which revealed that 50% of men thought women should not breastfeed in a public place.

The RCM survey also showed an alarming 14% of men felt that breast-feeding was embarrassing compared with only 3% of today’s women reporting that their partner is uncomfortable about them breast-feeding in front of friends and family.

The poll of 1,859 mums set out to reveal what they felt their partner’s attitudes were towards breast-feeding and to establish whether men’s views have changed over the past 15 years.

14% of mums claimed their partners were happy for them to breast-feed at home but not in public. While 10% of mums revealed that they actually bottle as well as breastfeed so their partner can get involved, surprisingly 2% claimed their partner doesn’t agree with them breastfeeding.

Lucy Symons, spokeswoman for Kamillosan and registered doula, says, “It’s great to see that men’s attitudes towards breast-feeding have changed with many now realising that it’s one of the most natural things in the world a mother can do.”

A poll was conducted amongst 100 eating establishments across the nation – from Italian, Spanish and Chinese restaurants to celebrity hotspots, cheap eateries, wine bars, country pubs and vegetarian restaurants. Seven per cent of those questioned said they placed an outright ban on breast-feeding in their establishments.

The UK baby changing room inspection took place to help raise awareness of the importance of providing adequate changing and feeding facilities for mums and their babies. Baby Changing facilities at ten major shopping centres were visited between 26th April and 4th May 2008. As well as general cleanliness, the baby changing rooms were assessed on how easy they were to locate, the amount of space available to accommodate a pushchair and bags of shopping, plus other facilities such as designated breastfeeding areas and necessities such as hot water, soap and towels.

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