Parents drive 1,404 miles sending baby to sleep

More than half of parents drive around in the car with their baby to help the baby fall asleep, according to a survey of 1,107 parents.

A further fifth, 19%, of the respondents said that they gave their baby a ‘warm bath’ when trying to send them back to sleep; whilst 3% stated that they would ‘dip’ their baby’s dummy in to alcohol. Furthermore, 18% of the parents said that they ‘played the radio’ throughout the night to help send their baby back to sleep.

The survey initially asked the respondents what ‘unique methods’, if any, they used when settling their baby back to sleep at night. The respondents who stated that they drove their baby in the car (53%) to encourage sleep were asked to estimate, on average, how many miles they travelled each time. The majority, 69%, of these respondents said six miles.

In addition, these parents were asked how often they had to drive their baby back to sleep, to which more than half, 54%, said an average of three days a week. The largest majority, 49%, also said that they use this unique slumber method for 18 months before their baby would sleep undisturbed.

Taking all results into account, the average parent who spends three nights a week, for 18 months, driving their baby back to sleep would have travelled 1,404 miles.

Almost all of the respondents, 89%, said that they had taken their baby into bed with them in the middle of the night; 71% of which said that this technique worked ‘most of the time’.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of, who conducted the survey, said, “When you are regularly woken in the night by a distressed baby I am sure you would go to any lengths to send them back to sleep, so both you and the baby can get a good night’s rest. Driving around seems to be a tried and tested technique by many, so then it’s easy to see why so many parents do it!”

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