New mums turn to the internet for parenting advice

New mums are more likely to log on than go to their own mums for parenting advice, according to a new report released today.

A resounding eight in 10 mums (80%) turn to Google, parenting forums or Facebook before asking their own mums for advice (44%), according to the research commissioned by, a new website for parents providing information about toddler growth and development.

Mothers over the age of 35 were most likely (71%) to rely on the internet for support and advice. However, the social network savvy under 25s were the biggest Facebook users for parenting queries (15% versus 9% national average).

So are mums missing out on good old-fashioned, practical and proven advice from their mums and grandmothers because of the trend for online parenting? Or is the wealth of information now available and being shared online actually making parenting easier than ever before?

Child Psychologist, Doctor Richard Woolfson believes there are two sides to the story and he joins me now to talk about the benefits and pitfalls of e-parenting.

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