Most mums seek parenting advice online

Eight out of 10 (82%) mums rely on the internet for parental advice, according to a survey by Plusnet. More than 3000 mums were surveyed and two in five (41%) say they do their weekly shop online to save time, with almost the same amount again (40%) banking online to avoid long in-branch queues. A massive 99% of mums spend up to four hours of their own “me time” online each day.

The new generation of mothers are an internet-savvy audience with more than half (51%) researching their children’s homework online. The study found that a quarter of mothers consider themselves as “networking mothers” who use online forums and other social media to get parenting advice. Well over a third of these networking mums (39%) find the internet a vital resource when their child is ill and they need to look up symptoms.

It is not just parenting issues that these networking mums are clued up on, as half of those asked also liked the fact that while housebound with the kids, they can seek “adult conversation” from peers online through sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Speaking about the survey results, Plusnet ambassador and Dancing on Ice Star Jennifer Ellison said, “It’s great that mums can find a quick way to get advice online when it’s needed. I personally really value being able to use the net to speak to my family when I’m away. Doing Dancing on Ice has made me realise how valuable something like video calls are – it’s fantastic to be able to see your little boy as well as talk to him on the phone! I’m also a big fan of online shopping – the last thing I want to do after a hard day’s training is go shopping – and I’d much rather spend any spare time with my family.”

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