Term time holidays appeal to 67% of parents

With summer fast approaching, many parents are considering taking their children out of school to avoid the foreseeable high prices, with research by leading travel insurance specialist Holidaysafe finding that that two thirds (67%) of parents are willing to take their children on holiday during term time to get a better deal

This follows the landmark court case of Jon Platt who took his daughter to Florida for a week’s holiday during term-time; Platt was issued a fixed fine which he refused to pay and was taken to court under the 1996 Education Act. Magistrates dismissed the case leaving parents to question if they could do the same, with almost a third (31%) of respondents stating that the outcome of the case had changed their attitudes towards term-time holidays.

The price of a family holiday can double during the school breaks and the cost of long-haul travel can see a significant price hike during peak times. Because of this, over half (58%) of parents feel that they have no choice but to take term-time holidays, and almost a quarter (23%) of parents are already planning to take their children out of school to go on holiday this year.

Previous research from Holidaysafe conducted in 2015 showed that only 30% of parents would have considered taking their children out of school during term time to go on holiday. This figure has more than doubled this year, with 67% of parents now thinking of doing the same, resulting in the possibility that classrooms could become quieter towards the end of term.

Holiday term time facts infographic

Amber Howard, brand manager of Holidaysafe, said:  “It is interesting to see the “Platt effect” has changed parents’ attitudes towards term-time holidays. At Holidaysafe.co.uk we understand that people value the opportunity to go on family holidays, giving them a chance to spend some quality time together.

“Whether you’re going to Europe or planning to travel further afield, we would always recommend that holidaymakers take travel insurance to give them the peace of mind of knowing that they are protected, giving them more time to enjoy their time with their family.”