Working parents only have 90 minutes per day

Working parents have no more than 90 minutes’ spare time each day, according to a survey of 3,000 fathers and mothers in the UK.

The average working parent wakes at 6.42am and does not fall asleep again until 10.45pm, and in that time, they fit in an eight hour work day, plus commute, and breakfast, dinner and bedtime tasks.

They spend an average 55 minutes showering, dressing and eating breakfast and a further 47 minutes chatting to other parents and making arrangements associated with the children.

Commuting and school runs eats up an hour and then there’s the after school run and making dinner.

Just 90 minutes are left for relaxing and free time – with 26% of working parents saying they would have a good sex life if they weren’t so tired all the time.

Eight out of ten wish they could get rid of their hectic schedules and 64% always feel they waste most of their time on work.

Just under half of the parents surveyed said they wished they could spend more time with their children while 40% would just like more time to read books.

The survey was carried out by Cooperative Foods.

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