Writing a reminder in diary

What things have you, as a parent, forgotten?

One in ten stressed out parents have forgotten to collect their own child from school, according to a new survey. Researchers investigated the things we forget on a daily basis. They found that one in twenty have set fire to their home by forgetting to blow out a candle, while a further one in twenty have flooded the house when they forgot they had left the bath running.

The extent to which Brits are losing their collective marbles was revealed in the poll, which shows 10% admit they regularly forget to pay household bills and 15% often leave the house without their purse or wallet.

One in five can never recall their phone number, six per cent are always leaving their straighteners on and a quarter frequently kick themselves for forgetting to pick up things like milk and bread on the way home.

Too much going on, say Brits

According to the survey almost half of Brits say they simply have too much going on their lives, with the average Brit having to remember a staggering 14 things every day, according to the poll.

Over a third (36%) put their absent mindedness down to being sleep deprived and four in ten said they were too busy and stressed to remember everything.

The survey of almost 2,000 adults, by Epson ReadyInk, found 15% of adults have put their partner’s nose out of joint for forgetting their wedding anniversary and 40% have angered a friend after an arrangement slipped their mind.

Nearly seven in ten (68%) said they feel anxious at the sheer number of things they have to do each day, with 50% of adults saying they often rowed with their other half about all the things they have to remember. In fact, the typical couple rows three times a week about forgetting important things.

We rely on gadgets to help us remember

One in five say they rely on their gadgets like smartphones and tablets to remember appointments, birthdays and meetings, but three percent said they even forget to put reminders in their phone.

Mauro Bartoletti, head of retail, Epson Europe, said: “The research has highlighted to us just how busy we are and stresses the number of things we have to remember on a daily basis. Details concerning our work, personal lives and organising children’s and partner’s lives can all add up and most of us have multiple dates, times and deadlines all whizzing around our heads at once.”

Top things Brits forget on a daily basis

  1. To turn the heating on or off
  2. To turn lights off
  3. To turn the oven off
  4. Your own phone number
  5. Your car keys
  6. To lock the door
  7. To do the weekly shop
  8. Where you parked your car
  9. To pick up basics – bread, milk etc.
  10. Your purse / wallet
  11. To blow candles out
  12. Your train
  13. To turn your hair straighteners off
  14. Left the tap on all day
  15. To turn the iron off
  16. To buy new ink for your printer
  17. To pay the bills
  18. Your handbag
  19. Social arrangements
  20. An important family member’s birthday (parent, grandparent, sibling)
  21. Your gym kit
  22. A business meeting
  23. The bath was running
  24. An important work deadline
  25. To pick up the children up from school
  26. Your child’s parents evening
  27. To make a packed lunch for the children
  28. A play date arrangement for your child
  29. Your wedding anniversary
  30. Your flight

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