We turn into our mothers at 32

Research released today has pinpointed 32 as the age at which we’re most likely to turn into our mothers. According to the survey of 1,000 British men and women, 48% of the nation believe they’re turning into their mum, saying they are worrying more, stocking up on groceries, going to bed early, being more outspoken and watching soaps and dramas regularly.

Using mum’s favourite sayings is yet another sign of mother metamorphosis, a trait that more than half of respondents said they have.

The top 10 phrases that we say when we’re turning into our mum:

  1. What did your last slave die of?
  2. Close the door, you weren’t born in a barn
  3. I can’t hear myself think
  4. It will all end in tears
  5. It will all come out in the wash
  6. Who’s ‘she’, the cat’s mother?
  7. You’ll catch your death in that
  8. Don’t make a face like that, if the wind changes you’ll stay like that
  9. You don’t get a pudding if you don’t eat your mains
  10. You don’t know you’re born

Such phrases are most likely to come out when talking to our children, with 39% admitting to using their mums’ expressions with the kids and a quarter of respondents even claiming to talk this way with their partners.

Tamsyn Johnston-Hughes of Hallmark, the company behind the survey, said, “We conducted this research to explore just how strong the bond with our mothers can be. It seems we’ve taken that bond to a whole new level by becoming a mini-me style version of our mothers, copying their exact movements and phrases.”

Men as well as women say they mimic their mums – with half of men admitting to it.

Behavioural Expert, Judi James, said, “You can be in awe of, you can rebel from and you can even vow never to do, say or use the traits and habits you associate with your parents but the chances are they’re ticking away like a time bomb in your subconscious and – given the same prompting and the same set of circumstances – you’ll find them emerging, and there’s very little you can do to avoid it.”

The majority of Brits will only revert to the words of their mother when scorning or telling people off but many also admitted to doing so when looking after their loved ones or talking to themselves.

The survey respondents were also asked which celebrities had turned into their mothers. These are the top five

  1. Liza Minnelli – daughter of Judy Garland
  2. Zara Philips – daughter of Princess Anne
  3. Lourdes Ciconne – daughter of Madonna
  4. Kate Hudson – daughter of Goldie Hawn
  5. Sylvester Stallone – son of Jackie Stallone

Hallmark Cards has launched Cards For A Cure as part of its Mothering Sunday campaign. www.hallmark.co.uk.

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