UK businesses missing out on talented parents

Becoming a parent makes you more employable, according to a survey which says parents develop skills in managing money, marketing and communication. British businesses are missing out on a capable workforce due to a combination of the lack of flexible hours and the cost of childcare.

Parents who are leaving the job market are continuing to develop their skills too both with the family, by retraining, and in their own businesses.

Unsurprisingly the top talents developed by parents are Multitasking (68.4%) and Time Management (65.3%). But more than half (55.3%) of the parents who responded to the survey have developed Promotion and Marketing Skills and almost as many (45.3%) have developed better Communication Skills.

Mums and Dads are getting better at managing money too, with nearly 4 in 10 (39.2%) saying that they have developed their Financial Management Skills after leaving work. A similar number (37.6%) have improved Project Planning Skills since quitting employment.

Parents’ people skills are getting a great workout too. Three in 10 (30.7%) parents claim to have developed better Conflict Management Skills, and one in five (20%) have better Team Management Skills since leaving employment.

Of the 214 people surveyed by Family Friendly Working, 130 had left the job market after having children.

Antonia Chitty, of Family Friendly Working, says, “I know that I’ve developed my skills since I left employment and it looks like I’m not alone. Britain’s’ bosses need to think hard about offering more flexible work opportunities in order to make the most of talented parents.”

One parent responding to the survey said, “Starting my business has meant my time management has to be good so that my children get the best of me and I still have time to put into work.”

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