Punch and Judy are fading fast

The once familiar sight of a red and white striped booth is in danger of disappearing from British beaches with over one in three children (37%) saying they have never experienced a Punch & Judy show. In comparison, 78% of adults used to watch at least one show a year when they were children.

The research of more than 1,000 UK families revealed that, as well as the Punch & Judy show falling out of favour, other traditional beach entertainment is also in decline, with 41% of today’s children never having been on a donkey ride (compared with 26% of their parents) and 73% have never taken part in a sand castle competition.

UK parents take at least three trips to the British seaside each summer, but with a day’s beach entertainment costing an average of £73 it could be an expensive outing. Indeed, three quarters (74 per cent) of parents say they feel anxious about the cost of keeping the family entertained over the summer holidays.

The lowest cost beach days out are found on the West Scottish coast with parents spending an average of £52 to keep the family entertained, with the top ten least expensive coastlines– based on how much people spend on keeping their family entertained for the day – identified as:

  1. West Scottish Coastline (e.g. Oban, Prestwick, Ayr South Beach) = £52.00
  2. East Scottish Coastline (e.g. Montrose, Aberdeen Beach, St Andrews West Sands) = £61.50
  3. South East Coastline (e.g. Broadstairs, Margate, Southend) = £64.11
  4. Welsh Coastline (e.g. Barry, Swansea Bay, Tenby) = £68.11
  5. South West Coastline (e.g. Torquay, Newquay, Bude) = £70.56
  6. North Irish Coastline (e.g. Ballycastle, Cranfield Bay, Portstewart) = £70.71
  7. North East Coastline (e.g. Scarborough, Skegness, Whitley Bay) = £73.72
  8. North West Coastline (e.g. Blackpool, Formby, Heysham) = £75.56
  9. South Coastline (e.g. Brighton, Weymouth, Eastbourne) = £78.16
  10. East Coastline (e.g. Great Yarmouth, Cleethorpes, Wells) = £87.13

The research was carried out by Chevrolet.

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