Pregnancy puts off a third of mums having more kids

With women in Britain having fewer children than in previous years, a survey reveals that 49% of mums say they don’t want more children. When asked for the reason, 36% cited the “side effects of pregnancy”.

The survey of 1,847 UK mums over 18 also discovered that 29% of those initially saying no blamed financial pressures – especially the cost of having and raising a child.

A further 24% said they were content with the number of children they already had and just over a tenth, 11%, thought they were too old to have any more children.

The respondents who cited ‘pregnancy side effects’ as a reason for not wanting any more children were then asked to choose, from a multiple list of possible answers, what bothered them the most. The top 5 answers were as follows:

  1. Morning sickness – 34%
  2. Weight gain – 28%
  3. Stretch marks – 16%
  4. Pain – 13%
  5. Other – 9%

Jill Tovey, co-founder of, who carried out the survey, commented on the study’s findings, “We all know the side effects of pregnancy, but the intensity of some of these are sometimes underestimated. No two pregnancies are likely to be the same, but the side effects can be emotionally and physically challenging. What could be an amazing part of pregnancy for one expectant mother could be very uncomfortable for some other women.

“With the current economic climate, women are apparently having fewer children, but it is also now quite common to see women having children later on in life. They often prioritise their career and lifestyle first and tend to have children when they are well and truly ready, which is no bad thing!”

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