Parents pass on driving habits to learner kids

Children learn by watching what their parents do and copying them – it’s an important part of growing up. But there’s one place where mirroring mum and dad isn’t advisable – when they’re behind the wheel.

A new survey by The AA has found the next generation of drivers are picking up dangerous habits from their parents.

Speeding, tailgating, driving one-handed and a tendency for road rage are among the top 10 faults many learners copy from their mother and father.

“Learners who combine formal lessons from an instructor with practice with family or friends boost their chances of passing their test and are likely to be safer drivers,” said AA Driving School director Simon Douglas.

“But dangerous habits are easily passed on, and it is alarming to see evidence that road rage is being passed on to another generation of drivers. Parents should try to set a good example with their own driving – and remember to let the experts do the teaching, while they focus on helping their children gain experience.”

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