Parents feel the grocery bill pinch

With energy bills and food costs having risen sharply this year, and the credit crunch threatening to eat into our livelihoods, UK parents are feeling under pressure to reduce the grocery bill.

According to a new survey, more than half the nation’s mums admit they feel under pressure to reduce their household food budget. It’s not merely the expense that’s stressing them out – 44% say they also feel under pressure to cook more nutritional meals for the family at the same time as generating less food waste.

The burden is weighing particularly heavily on mums in the 16-24 age bracket and, in regional terms, people in Edinburgh are worst off – seven in ten say they are feeling the strain.

Recent years have seen a major change towards the consumption of expensive healthy foods, but changing times are prompting people to seek cost-effective alternatives without losing the nutritional value. According to the independent survey commissioned by, nearly half of women in the country are unaware that nutritional values in frozen foods are the same as, and often better, than the merely chilled option.

For those that are aware of this fact, a little forethought ahead of a supermarket visit is making a valid contribution to solving the ‘heat or eat’ dilemma.

Financial expert and TV presenter Cesarina Holm-Kander says, “The use of frozen food in our everyday lives is currently seriously underrated. Over the next year, I shall be working with to show you how it can be of use to you in budgeting, time saving and ensuring that you and your family eat healthy and nutritious food. Hopefully, this will dispel some of the myths of frozen foods and you will have a much better understanding of how you can use it to your advantage.”

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