New baby beats football patriotism

Even if England was playing in the World Cup final, four fifths of football fans wouldn’t miss the birth of their child. So says a survey by bookie Party Bets. Pregnant mums would be shocked, though, to know that that is still 20% of men who would be glued to the match.

A quarter of supporters (25.3 per cent) claimed that they would be prepared to miss the funeral of a friend or family member should it happen to clash with the final in Johannesburg whilst 29.3 per cent of people surveyed would be prepared to miss or cancel their own wedding.

But more than half of those who responded to the survey (54.5 per cent) said that, should the opportunity arise, they would prefer to go on a first date with pop star Cheryl Cole.

Only 34.3 per cent of football fans would be prepared to cancel a luxury holiday should it clash with the World Cup final.

There was also bad news for Britain’s bosses, with the poll revealing that 73.7 per cent of fans would be prepared to “throw a sickie” if they were asked to work whilst England were playing, although 82.2% admitted that they would try to book the day off.

Warren Lush, spokesman for said: “It seems like the Ashley versus Cheryl debate permeates every area of life. Over half the people surveyed said they would rather go on a first date with Cheryl than cheer on Ashley in an England World Cup Final team. It just goes to show how much she has the X Factor.”

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