Most teen Facebook users not watched by parents

Most teenagers whose parents also use Facebook allow their parents full access to their profiles, according to a survey by Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions in New York.

The majority, 56%, of teens whose parents use Facebook say they allow full access to their profiles, including posts, party pictures and friend lists. Some 34% say they do not give full access, with the remainder fluctuating between the two.

However, while that is encouraging news for parents who do use Facebook, it only accounted for 42% of the surveyed teenagers overall – 58% of all teens surveyed said their parents do not use Facebook, which means there is no parental oversight for the behaviour of the majority of teenagers online.

“In a Facebook era, the online arena serves as a new channel for parents to keep tabs on what and how their kids are doing, and it’s notable that a sizable percentage of today’s teens seem comfortable with that dynamic,” said Justin Serrano, Senior Vice President, Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions. “But for the most part, the parent-teen online relationship is still relatively uncharted territory. What we’re seeing is that parents are increasingly expressing interest in being able to monitor their kids’ progress online, and teens are adjusting to this in different ways.”

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