Most families sceptical about political parties

Making the UK safer and reducing crime would be the main priority for parents as one of the first things they would do to create a more family friendly UK, according to a poll of 3000 parents by National Family Week.

Therefore the Conservative manifesto for the 2010 election is more on track with what is important to families. Labour’s focus on flexible working came in fourth on the list of priorities for parents whilst improving childcare facilities lagged in fifth place. Improving housing, the environment and supporting the aged all wallowed at a 4-5% priority rating.

Despite that, almost a third of parents surveyed don’t believe any party has the power to make the UK more family friendly and 60% answered, “It’s just lip service – they are just looking for votes”, when asked if they felt the current political focus on family and family policy was genuine. A quarter of those surveyed, more than committed faith to any of the three parties, are still unsure as to whom they would trust.

When it comes to a ‘family friendly’ UK, the Conservatives are in front with 18% of parents polled thinking they have the best chance of making the UK more family friendly, followed by labour on 15 and the Lib Dems on barely 10%.

National Family Week takes place this year from 31 May to 6 June.

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