More men than women are on a diet

British men have overtaken women when it comes to dieting, for the first time according to a survey.

Four fifths of men have been dieting in the past six months compared with three quarters of women, although men are less likely than women to diet for appearance.

About 52% of men who admitted to dieting in the past six months suggested that health was the prime factor, compared with 48% of male dieters who do it to improve their appearance. Only 29% of dieting women said they did so for health reasons, with 71% saying that appearance was the driving factor.

The main reason for the increase in men dieting is ‘supplementation’, according to leading sports nutrition site, who commissioned the research, suggesting that protein and creatine supplements designed to improve your appearance by aiding your muscular growth and recovery are behind the surge.

Men from London were more likely to be on a diet of some kind than men from the rest of the country, and also the most likely to diet for appearance rather than health benefits.

Oliver Cookson, Managing Director of said, “Obesity is an issue that affects millions of people in the UK; one that the media place particular emphasis on, which seems to be encouraging the British public to do something about it.”

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