Middle wicket problems not to be discussed, say men

Middle wicketA third of men suffering impotence try to self-treat with uncontrolled remedies rather than speak to a doctor – and that’s a lot of men when you consider that 40% of men over 40 suffer from impotence. Rather than speak to a doctor, impotent men often either suffer in silence or they order remedies, 65% of which are said to be useless.

Ex-England cricketer Phil Tufnell has teamed up with GP Dr Rob Hicks to call on men to think about their health and to not be embarrassed about impotence.

Commenting on why men fail to take appropriate action on impotence, Phil Tufnell says, “Over five and a half million fellas in the UK may be experiencing some degree of impotence, but no one seems to talk about it. Because of all this embarrassment and silence, men don’t know what to do about the condition. So I’m encouraging blokes to take action. The message is simple: lads, if you can’t bowl your maiden over, go to www.bowlyourmaidenover.com and then, if necessary, visit your GP for help.”

Dr Rob Hicks says, “There’s really no need for embarrassment when it comes to impotence. This is a common condition that GPs see week in, week out. Given this, it’s strange that men still duck for cover when the word is mentioned. There’s no need – this is not an out-of-bounds condition. GPs are used to talking about it and want to help.

“I want men to enjoy the cricket this summer but to also think about their health. I’m urging men to tackle the issue head on and get information from qualified sources.On top of that, impotence may impact on a couple’s relationship so it makes sense to speak to your GP and get things back on track.”

Concluding, Phil Tufnell says, “I’m looking forward to sharing some top cricket stats with blokes this summer but before the Ashes gets underway, I want to knock about some facts on impotence: you’re not alone if you experience it. In fact, if a large Test ground, such as Lord’s, was full of men aged 40 and over, at least 10,000 blokes would have experienced impotence. Trying to get help without speaking to a professional is a risky business, so get down to the GP and make sure your kit is in order.”

The Bowl Your Maiden Over website is provided alongside www.40over40.com, a website that offers information and advice about impotence and includes a simple action plan to help men prepare for a conversation with their GP.

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