How well do you know Britain?

Ten per cent of people in the UK have poor geographic knowledge of their home country, according to a survey, and 30% don’t know where Stonehenge is.

Among the findings in the survey, here are some of the things people said:

  • The Angel of the North is a Michelin starred restaurant.
  • Stonehenge is in Hampshire.
  • Nearly four per cent believe Land’s End is a kingdom in the TV series Game of Thrones.
  • More than 10% don’t know it is in Cornwall.
  • As many as 20% don’t know the Severn Bridge connects England and Wales, with seven per cent thinking it connects Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  • Ten per cent of Brits think Pudding Lane is where the Beatles recorded their first album – rather than the location of Thomas Farriner’s bakery where the Great Fire of London started in 1666.
  • 28 percent didn’t know the Eccles cake originated in Manchester, with 13% thinking it came from Beccles in Suffolk.
  • Some Brits even suggested the Queen sometimes resides in Downton Abbey.

The research was carried out by Marriott Hotels, which polled 1,500 adults, a fifth of whom said they holiday abroad more than in the UK.

Ten per cent of respondents said they think their knowledge of other countries is better because they have spent years reading travel books and watching foreign movies. Twelve per cent have family and friends spread all over the world and are used to globetrotting to keep in touch.

How many have visited British iconic locations?

The study found that 30% of UK adults have never visited Big Ben; 60% have never been to the Eden project in Cornwall; 44% have yet to visit Wembley Stadium; and 39% haven’t visited the London Eye.

The poll revealed that 35% of Brits who opted to go abroad on holiday this year, did so to guarantee hot weather and 21% said staying in the UK doesn’t feel like a proper holiday.

However – next year two thirds of Brits intend to go on at least one staycation – with Cornwall, Scotland, Wales and Devon among the most popular destinations to visit.

How good is YOUR knowledge of the UK? Take Marriott’s special quiz here.

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