Health more important than money for New Year

Most people’s new year resolutions relate to a healthier lifestyle, whether it’s getting fit or losing weight. UKPL carried out a survey of 1000 people at the end of 2009 to find out what their new year resolution would be and 40.5% of respondents’ resolutions related to health.

Despite Christmas 2009 being a crucial time during the credit crunch, more people wanted to strive to be better people than wanted to sort out their finances. Around 17% of people said they wanted to be better parents (whether shouting at the kids less or spending more time with family), while 11% said they just wanted to be a better person. Only 9% of the respondents said they wanted to improve their financial situation.

A small number of people (3%) said they did not make resolutions.

Among those who fell into the healthy lifestyle category, 29% of people wanted to lose weight while 23% promised to do more exercise. Those who prioritised a healthier diet comprised 17% of this category. That means the total number of people focusing on diet, exercise and/or weight loss adds up to 69% (28% of the overall survey) of all those in the healthy lifestyle category, compared with 22% who want to give up smoking and only 4% who want to drink less alcohol.

Within the category of people who wanted to be better parents, a whopping 86% of them said specifically that they wanted to spend more quality time with the family.

The overall results – top new year resolutions

  • Be healthier (40%)
  • Good parent (17%)
  • Be a better person (11%)
  • Sort out finances, save or spend less (9%)
  • Enjoy life more (5%)
  • No resolutions (3%)
  • New skill (2%)
  • Become a parent (2%)
  • Be more organised (1%)
  • Looking after number one (eg “more me time”) (1%)
  • Find a job (1%)
  • Miscellaneous other things (7%).

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