Grandparents favourites as babysitters

Most families use grandparents to babysit, a new report of babysitting trends reveals. The UK Babysitter Trend Report, conducted by, reveals that parents are more likely (63.6%) to turn to their mother, and father (33.8%) for babysitting duties and least likely to turn to professional babysitters (4%) and babysitting circles (1.4%).

The survey shows that grandparents are really involved in their grandchildren’s lives. This coincides with research by Grandparents Plus1 which showed that 1 in 3 UK families also rely on grandparents for childcare. The research also found that 4 out of 10 parents were more likely to turn to grandparents for extra help with childcare during the recession.

The UK Babysitter Trends Report reveals that whilst parents were more likely to use their parents for babysitting they were least likely to pay them for their service. When asked how much they usually pay the person who looks after their child per hour, the majority (46.9%) of parents said £0 followed by 23.9% who said £1-£5 then 23.01% who said £6-£10. In fact, The Grandparents Plus Policy Briefing Paper also found that poorer grandparents who give up work to care for children may be losing money.

Jacqueline Harding of said, “Families are probably more likely to turn to grandparents to babysit in a recession. For those parents who don’t have family members nearby, our new video gives lots of tips on finding a good babysitter.

“Whether you use a family member, professional babysitter or a local teenager, it’s a good idea to leave a list of emergency contact numbers for them and check that they know what to do if something goes wrong.

“Making sure you have the right babysitter who both you and your children trust is essential, otherwise you’ll end up spending time worrying.”

To coincide with the UK Babysitter Trends Report, has published a new video clip with tips for parents when considering babysitting options.

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