Fashion bullies pick on 16% of Brits

A recent survey has found that bullying in the work place is extremely rife within the UK, with 16% of workers claiming to have been victimised in some way for their appearance.

Bullying is something that many people have to unfortunately contend with at school, but shockingly something that over a sixth of Brits have had to deal with at some point in their work life, according to a recent poll of 2,408 people.

Fashion website My Celebrity Fashion commissioned the research into British attitudes towards fashion and appearance and has been shocked at the results.

Office workers were the worst affected, with over a fifth, 23%, claiming that they had been bullied in some form ‘for the way they look’; both their fashion and figure, during the working day. Teachers were second in the poll, with 21% claiming to have had staff or pupils make negative comments about their appearance.

‘Casual Fridays’ were to blame for much of the bullying according to a resounding 68% of people. In contrast to the results regarding workplace bullying, just 7% of people admitted to having made negative comments about a colleague’s appearance, meaning either throwaway comments are to blame for the people who feel victimised, or the workplace bullies will not admit to their part in it.

Of those bullied for their fashion, 19% said that they gave in to peer-pressure and stopped personalising their outfits with accessories such as bracelets and belts. Of those bullied for their weight/figure, 72% said that they felt depressed and hated going to work. Nearly the same figure, 70% said that they dieted as a direct result of their workplace bullying.

Females are more likely to be bullied or made to feel uncomfortable in the workplace than men, with 24% of women claiming to have been put down at the hands of the ‘office bitch’ whilst 9% of men say the same.

Newcastle is the city where workplace bullying is most prevalent, with over a quarter of workers from there claiming to have been bullied at some point in their career. Here is the top 10 breakdown by cities where workplace bullying is most common:

  1. Newcastle – 26% (of workers bullied at some point in their career)
  2. Aberdeen – 24%
  3. London – 24%
  4. Manchester – 23%
  5. Birmingham – 21%
  6. Norwich – 19%
  7. Swansea – 17%
  8. Leeds – 16%
  9. Portsmouth – 16%
  10. Exeter – 15%

Jilly Tovey, Head Fashionista at My Celebrity Fashion had the following to say, “We at MCF believe that within the dress code of employment, individuals should be able to experiment and personalise their clothing to their own wishes and not feel victimised or bullied simply because they have a different fashion sense to the majority.

“To bully somebody because of their appearance, whether for their build or fashion is not only ignorant but also incredibly juvenile. Managers have a direct responsibility to ensure that their workforce are happy in the work place and should do everything they can to promote a zero-tolerance attitude towards bullying.”

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